Commercial Cleaning In Edmonton & 5 Innovations That Transformed The Industry

The cleaning industry has had major transformations thanks to the technological and innovative tools and processes now being standardized. Considering that the industry is projected to grow by $10 billion by 2026, everything seems to be paying off. If you are a commercial, industrial or residential cleaning company, there will be more business opportunities coming – but the competition will also get tougher. To learn how a successful cleaning team provides such innovative and technological services, check out this edmonton cleaning company for commercial properties

Here are five innovations that have and will transform the cleaning business in the coming years.

Top 5 Innovations In The Cleaning Industry

Cutting-Edge Tech – AI & Robotics

Robot vaccuum cleaner on the floor

Technology has undoubtedly brought about some cutting-edge advancements to the cleaning industry today. One of the hottest trends is those automated cleaning robots that handle cleaning and sanitation in place of people. They are computer-controlled and can be programmed thus increasing efficiency, optimizing cleanliness, and getting rid of human error.

UV cleaning devices are another innovation that is gaining popularity. They are used to rapidly sanitize and disinfect commercial and public spaces to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. This method is a highly sustainable and chemical-free alternative which gives clear reasons why they are now used more expansively.

Other than the actual services, modern cleaning companies also now use AI-operated quality control systems to analyze the effectiveness of their services in a more in-depth manner. This removes the subjective component of human interpretation and can thus more accurately identify potential problem areas.

Management & Productivity Software Tools

Managing your cleaning business daily can be very challenging especially when scaling up. The good news is; there’s now plenty of business management and productivity software tools you can now take advantage of. Automating your job scheduling, customer data, payment processing and internal communications alone can offload much of your stress. Whether you need to track your cleaners’ time and location through GPS, grow your business’ profitability, or handle customer relationships, there’s a number of tools for your every need.

Green Cleaning

The awareness towards green and healthy cleaning is growing and customers have now been looking for cleaning companies that offer such. As a cleaning business, you should provide high-quality, but also environment-friendly services to be in demand. In fact, if you want the whole world to recognize you, getting a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a standard. In many countries, this is a legal requirement that you now have to adhere to. 

Waste Management

Cleaning companies generate tons of waste given their line of work. This is probably the trickiest part of the business as proper waste disposal is a highly controlled initiative. Thankfully, more and more cleaning companies are now looking for effective ways to reuse and recycle their by-products. In terms of dealing with waste, there are now smarter and safer ways to do this. There too are industries looking to help cleaning companies control and repurpose their wastes. 

Training And Professionalism

Employee training is always a priority for the top cleaning companies. They are aware that their team should be able to perform their duties on a high level while paying attention to safety protocols. At the same time, these people should always put professionalism and good service at their core. Not only will these make the employees confident in performing their job, but also decrease the chances of having low consumer satisfaction. Notably, more than 50% of customers no longer subscribe to cleaning services because of the latter. But with the right training and support, your team can exceed customer’s expectations.


These are some of the innovations that make cleaning companies competitive and at par with the current customer standards. Yet, it’s still an evolving industry just like many others. Thus, it is crucial to know the proper implementation and to always be kept up to date so you can keep your cleaning business afloat with the changing times.