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White label PPC by http://dirdot.com/ is a solution that aims to make online campaigns more complete. Normally, online advertising giants search engines like Google can be complicated when one needs assistance. The service markets for their clients is a white glove manner. This means that every communication made with the target audience is under the client’s name. Clients get full representation to their customers in that the white label services are masked from the customers.

The white label services offer their resources to serve clients as if they own them.The model is designed to offer the best advertising solutions to clients. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to adapt to unfamiliar grounds in advertising, white label ppc conveniently handles this with complete precision.

Clients get the best out of the advertisements which are usually linked to smart searches. The advertisements are optimized by http://dirdot.com/ to utilize searches made through search engines. Our pay per click software then makes a comprehensive analysis of an ad’s effectiveness through the number of clicks or impression made. The information that we gather enables clients to set their margins more effectively and to also have more realistic targets.

Our white label PPC tracks the traffic to an advertisement which gives the statistics on how its marketing is progressing. The online banners are placed to leverage keywords which are common in search engines and, as such, more traffic is routed and exposed to them. The objective is to find keywords that match those provided in the advertiser’s keyword list.The purpose is to ensure that the advertisement often gets to the relevant audience. Within this model, there are automated systems set to safeguard against click frauds which could be orchestrated by competitors in malice. But of course we will take care of all of this for you.

Clients who decide to use our white label ppc service benefit from the customized approach to customers they get. The motive is purely to improve our clients margins and thus the marketing is usually transparent. Marketers use the ppc software services which are re-branded to look as if it was their own. The software then provides all the information concerning the marketing progress. Depending on the figures obtained from the statistics, recommendations could be made on the products or the quality if the advertisement to find means to reach out to a greater audience. There is also generation of comprehensive reports with analytic results and tracking on goal sets. Our software and service is an efficient option for marketers.

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