Software Used For Water Leak Detection

man_prepping_leak_correlator_softwareHave you ever received a water bill that did not quite fit your household consumption? Or maybe your central heating system seems not to work and to make matters worse, it’s winter. What could be the problem? It just could be that you have water leaks from your underfloor pipes.

So how do you go about fixing such a problem in a manner that will save you any unexpected expenses? Contacting professionals that use the latest technology powered by a software that detects water leaks should solve your problem.

There are four different ways in how it works.

thermal_image_camera_detecting_shower_leak1. Thermal Image Cameras. These cameras use infrared lighting that can detect temperature. Any variation of heat detected indicates a leak. It, therefore, makes it possible to identify the damp and wet areas on your walls and floor. It also detects both the hot and cold water underfloor pipe location and making a diagnosis of which particular pipe is leaking much easier and quicker. This saves both time and money for all customers who choose to employ this method of leak detection.

man_listening_for_water_through_device2. Acoustic Listening Devices. When an underground pipe breaks, fluids or gases passing through it escapes in high-speed jets. This causes rarefaction waves from the leak. This means that it’s possible to listen and pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Thanks to this software it’s possible to hear a leak as far as 2.5 meters below the surface. It is difficult to detect an ongoing leak since the pressure subsides once the initial leak occurs.

3. Tracer Gases. This method includes the injection of gases into the pipeline and allows the gases to detect the leaks. The gases used are a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen that would be mixed at the required levels and injected in proper working pressures. Naturally, these gases are lighter than water; therefore they can detect the smallest leaks.

4. Leak Correlators. With the help of electric pulses, it’s possible to detect leaks from underground water mains. They can detect these leaks that are 600 meters below the surface. This makes the level of accuracy very high. Underfloor Pipe Location is best suited for leaks that happen in areas such as, driveways, airports, yards, farms, car parks, both commercial and industrial.

Unlike a traditional plumber who will rely on his gut instincts to locate where the leak is, this new software eliminates the need to have the plumbers digging up holes all over your home!

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