Hacker Motives

As long as computers and the internet has been around, there has always, and will always be hackers. People that basically ‘break’ into your computer and screw everything up. It’s as if someone broke into your house and stole all your valuables. It’s completely unexpected, heartbreaking, and adds a lot more work to your plate. There are evil people in this World, and since the internet has come into existence, it seems these evil people have an even easier way to steal from us, and damage what is very valuable to us.

DDOS attacks, also known as Distributed Denial Of Service, can have a massive and detrimental effect to the precious belongings on your server. You should first educate yourself on what exactly a denial of service is, and here is a great site that explains exactly that; http://ddosprogram.com/what-is-a-denial-of-service/

Distributed Denial of Service

Some of the motives for DDOS attacks can be:

1. Competition

To put a competitor out of business, a rival may contact a DDOS attack group to take out the competitor’s website.

2. Revenge

Revenge is perhaps the most common reason for an attack. A disgruntled employee or even unsatisfied customers may have motive enough to do such attacks.

3. Politics

A rival political group may try to silence the opposition by going through the DDOS route.

4. War

The governments of many countries have started using DDOS as a form of cyber weapon. They have developed significant DDOS capabilities, which they use to either threaten or harm.

5. Criminal Activityattack of computer

A hacker group may target a bank with a DDOS attack and temporarily disable the website before attempting to rob it.

Put simply, DDOS is the internet equivalent of war. Only in this case there is no physical attack taking place since everything is happening in the cyber world. But it can still hurt just as much.

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