3D Printers Aiding In The Fight Against Obesity

remove fat with liposuction

Obesity in recent years continues to be a global issue, affecting the health of anyone suffering from weight problems and eating disorders. Each passing year sees new and different methods to combat obesity and promote weight loss ranging from exercise regiments to diets, to surgical procedures such as to remove fat with liposuction.

Application of 3D Printing in Surgery

With the advent of 3D printing, which began as early as the 1980s, have brought a lot of new innovations to several fields and businesses.

“3D printing has found its way into the continued fight against obesity. “ 

But many would wonder, what does 3D printing have to do with obesity? And most importantly, how does 3D printing help the process of removing fat with liposuction?


3D printing has greatly helped the medical field in general, greatly helping doctors to better diagnose and treat illnesses. It became a vital piece of medical technology because it enables doctors to create the tools they need for their procedures, as well as creating new organs without having the need to wait for a donor.

Alternative Tool for Liposuction and other Cosmetic Surgery

3D has provided surgeons with the tools they need as they prepare to remove all that fat with liposuction. How it works is that 3D printers print replica models of either the body of the patient or the individual organs, to better give surgeons a better picture of what to expect during the surgical operation.

liposuction5Besides 3D models. 3D Printing can also create special tracking devices that displays how much the user slept, how much time he slept, how physically active he is when not sleeping, and monitoring heart rate. A company called Exertion Games Lab is one of the many who has created such devices that enables users to better understand their body as well as relaying the information to their doctors and surgeons. Even better is that children can also benefit from this technology, which is especially useful in fighting child obesity.

Creating Innovative Method

3D printing brings endless possibilities in the medical field. And even with the recent advancements, it has brought especially for liposuction, it’s only just the beginning. Combined with evolving electronics, 3D printing can elevate medicine and surgery to a whole new level. An example of this is that, according to reports, 3D printing has helped to create edible, yet nutritious food. Indeed, medical sci-fi will soon turn into reality. And as a result, 3D printers has helped liposuction to become safer with the optimal bariatric procedure.

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